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Aug 30, 2022

Alzheimer's disease is a syndrome that impacts a person's ability to think, problem-solve, and function every day. It can influence a person's memory, language, behavior, decision-making, visual and spatial skills, and ability to pay attention.  

It happens slowly, over time, so often it may take family and friends –...

Aug 9, 2022

In 2022, it is estimated that 6.5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease. 

 The number of people per 100,000 newly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease per year (incident rate) appears to be declining, the number of people with Alzheimer’s disease (prevalence) is expected to continue to grow (2022...

Aug 2, 2022

Alzheimer's disease is becoming more common in the United States. All ages combined, more than 6 million Americans struggle with Alzheimer's, and according to studies, that number will reach about 13 million by 2050.

A diagnosis like Alzheimer’s disease often leaves everyone involved at a loss about what to say or...