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Jan 31, 2022

It's easy to overlook that many of the policies we see and hear in the news aren't entirely decided by the policymakers we see every day. The actual power that initiates innovative ideas into action rests behind the spotlight, with purpose-driven civil servants and professionals. 

Despite the many political, logistical,...

Jan 18, 2022

Nurses are often frustrated about policies and regulations governing nursing practice, mainly when they're developed by individuals who lack healthcare experience. This 3-part series provides an overview of why nurses should be involved in policy, the legislative process, and how to communicate with policymakers.


Jan 4, 2022

Artist Shimoda Emanuel rearranged her life when she had to take care of her 95-year young mom with Alzheimer's. Changing her whole way of doing things wasn't easy; she was freaking out, losing sleep, feeling like her time wasn't hers anymore. 

Determined to make a change, she found better ways of implementing a healthy...